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work that happens in the city and also to honor the individuals who are responsible for some of that success. congratulations to all of our honorees. we're very grateful for your work. let's give a hand for them. [applause] the good government awards also support spur's good government work. it is a central part of our mission. our agenda is admittedly ambitious. we analyze every local measure on the san francisco ballot, which until recently was a pretty formidable task. we participate in most of the major issues of city government from pension and payroll tax reform to some of the most important discussions on how we fund a lot of our public services, whether that finding different revenue streams for our parks, are trying to find new ways to fund public transportation in the city. we're very happy to be working with mayor lee and the board to address a lot of these issues. this will clearly be a busy year for us. another component of our work is connecting the city's robuspro o assistance with our many business partners. this is a core part of mfac original purpose in san
chairman of our sister city committee which has many exchanges which we're going hear about more of them today, mayor lee, you have been mayor for almost two years, and as you know, the mayor of paris has been mayor for 11 years, and look how young he is, so there's hope for you. we have just had a meeting inside and the mate -- mayor has made a promise which tom and i and matthew, we're going to make sure he keeps that promise and he says, next year, we're going to paris, so tom horn and i are going to be the advanced team, we're leaving with the mayor on a sunday when he goes back. so, may i introduce our mayor, a newer mayor than the mayor of paris but one we are proud of and we will be hoping that he is planning the trip very soon, so may i present mayor lee. [applause]. >> thank you, charlotte. >> well, thank you, everybody, for coming here today. as you can see, there was excitement in the air when the mayor of paris comes to san francisco and i want to welcome him, i want to welcome the council general office as well, this is an exciting moment for me, waiting 6 years since his l
an affordable sector in this city. when it comes it recreating redevelopment, that's a fallacy. it's about recognizing that redevelopment allowed a certain portion of money to be used for redevelopment. it's not about recreating redevelopment, in fact that's a closed chapter in history. lastly the idea we are reducing the mixed income housing is also a sort of fallacy. there is a purpose to providing an incentive for developers to do what's called mixed income housing, providing some of their units are affordable to mixed income households. most developers do not do that and this is an incentive for them to do it. this is providing a set of programs that are funded providing all the way for folks who were formerly homeless to folks who are middle income to be and stay in san francisco. >> any final comments, starchild. >> it sounds like peter is saying on one hand, well, no, it won't subsidize middle income people then he's saying there is a range all the way from middle income people all the way up to -- he doesn't say what the top range is. there's a guy named jim reid who is a contr
's understand what the issue is and what other jurisdictions have done. to me this is acting responsible as city government and solving issues before they reach crisis levels and protecting future generations. thank you supervisor wiener for your support. >> thank you, mr. president that concludes roll call for introductions. >> i would be happy to be included on that item. >> the next item is the opportunity for the public to address the board for two minutes on items. please note that public comment is not allowed on items that have already been subject to public comment by a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the time to testimony. and if a member would like to have a document, et cetera. [speaker not understood] ladies and gentlemen, after 28 years i'm here in this place. i have the courage to ask our president and our -- [speaker not understood] for ten months we have no sheriff. i would like to ask you to come with me to give honor to those who died for our country. the third one, which i made a mistake now. i would like to tell to our sheriff
. city college of san francisco has 9 campuses in the city and serves approximately 100,000 students each year. the state has reduced funding to ccsf by core academic courses, provide work force training, provide an education that prepares students for 4 year universities, keep city college libraries and student support services open, keep technology and instructional support up to date, and offset state budget cuts. i'm here with alyssa messer, an english teacher at city college of san francisco. she's the ppt of aft2121, the faculty union, and a proponent of proposition a. also joining us is starchild, a local activist with the libertarian party of san francisco and a former candidate for the san francisco school board. he's an opponent of the measure. thank you both for taking the time to be with us today. >> thank you. >> alyssa, i'd like to give you the opportunity it share the thoughts of your position. >> so proposition a is a temporary 8-year, $79 parcel tax on properties in san francisco. and that money would go directly to supporting city college of san francisco. city colleg
posed to many of us frequently which is the fact that our city is facing a $4 billion retiree health care liability, mr. mayor, what is your administration doing to address this challenge? >> thank you, supervisor chiu and thank you for raising this important question today. in our retiree health care obligation is something that i care deeply about and a challenge we must all tame take on together. this year the city will pay for the health care of our current retirees and while that number seems large and it is we have a more significant issue on the horizon, the unfunded cost of paying for health care for our current employees once they retire. the last time the city assessed our retirement health care obligation was in 2010 and the estimated unfunded liability was $4.36 billion. we have taken a number of important steps since then to begin to address our structural budget issues in 2008 the city passed proposition b, a charter amendment that lengthed the amount of time an employee must work for the city in order to receive city-sponsored retiree health care benefits. and require
the transportation authority we had discussion about shuttle buses and in the city we're see ang increase of the use of shuttle buses both within san francisco and those that commute to outside of san francisco. the shuttle buses clearly provide a real benefit around decreasing the amount of trips that are taken by automobiles. often people who choose to go on shuttles, if they didn't have a shuttle as an option would be in a car driving by themselves. so we know there is really great benefits to the shuttle system. we know we're seeing a proliferation of them and we don't quite have a handle in the city how to manage our shuttle -- the private shuttle fleets in the city, especially as they relate to public space that we have around muni stops. so rather than not look at how we can prevent the wild west of the shuttles to become what is happening in san francisco, it's best that we look at how we can manage that. today i am requesting the city attorney to help us draft a permit process to regulate shuttles in san francisco and colleagues, i would be very interested in having input from your offi
is to be the best districts of the state of california, and the city and county of san francisco, this past couple of years in the sonoma county as well and going back and representing the west tip as well. and i want to continue to make sure that we have a strong government, strong and effective state government. and i have talked about the governor nans issue, making sure that we let the majority rule so that we don't have the kind of stall mates that we find currently where the minority party can block what the majority wants to do and so we can have the democracy. i make the point that we didn't become the 8th or 9th largest economy in the world by chance. we became so because for generations we taxed ourselves appropriately and invested in some of the best public structures this world has ever seen, the best k-12 system, the most accessible and affordable higher education system so that children can pursue the hope and dream of a college degree. we invested in water system and transportation systems that works, parks that drew the best and the brightest from around the world so they could pur
to not only congratulate unico for locating here in our very exciting part of our city, the international part where so many millions of visitors come every year. in fact, last year in 2011, over 16.3 million visitors came to san francisco and most of them found their way to unit square to the best shopping in the world. this is the center for arts and culture and of course it is our innovation capitol of the world and we are doing all of the right things to continue our success in the city. part of that success, is to work with great corporate citizens like unico and their efforts to make sure that they give their best effort to hire san franciscoans. today we celebrate not just a flag ship store but a store that has made corporate responsibility at the helm of their friend. there is over 500 people that they have already hired in this store. that is a fabulous contribution. they have worked that magic with our office of economic development, having spent weeks to train people who may not have gotten this opportunity. but for their out reach in this store, and then, they created a buzz and ex
who voted against the plan, said that it gave san francisco support san francisco using city taxpayer dollars to pay mtc for the cost of providing free muni service to young people in san francisco? in other words, if mtc isn't willing to do it on its own, should the city be paying more money into mtc to get the service out of mtc? >> as a last resort. that would be certainly the last way of funding it that i would look at. there is a continuity problem between the different transportation agencies that make it a little bit unworkable. at this present time i think one of the ways to deal with the issue is to see if the nuts and bolts of it can be tweaked a little bit to make it into a workable solution. maybe that may take a little bit more time, but i don't think as a sort of knee-jerk reaction we need to put the burden on taxpayers. with that being said it's vitally important for people to get around and especially those who can't afford and if you are consiration as well. again, the focus should be on tweaking the nuts and bolts of continuity issue to find a work-around there bef
city. daly city went through an extensive planning department and council review through ceqa and there was a traffic study done. so all of those documents are on file with the city of daly city. so the traffic impacts were studied in comparison, for instance to the former post office facility that was there. and found that the uses which are planned to be the towed cars, and other mta uses. for instance our training facility, possibly enforcement and other vehicles to be stored there. were actually similar impacts and spread over time. for instance the tow-trucks -- the towing facility starts behind the hall of justice. so that tow customers are able to pick up their cars there within the first 24 hours. then they are towed to -- at this current time -- to pier 70. they would, if this lease were approved be towed to 2650 bay shore, which is accessible by the t line and the 9 and 8 ax muni routes. while they operate 24 hours a day, they receive only 25 vehicles a day that would be put into long-term storage at the facility both inside and out. they will have weekly auc
women who have been economically disadvantaged for generations here in the city. we need to provide jobs. with when we talk about green jobs of future and sustainable produce, we need to talk about how to feed the single mothers in those communities. we need comprehensive reforms to bring those disadvantaged communitis with us. we cannot provide those folks with jobs unless we reform our drug policies in san francisco, which essentially disadvantage and persecute young men of color who on a day to day basis are being subjected to the criminal justice system in a way that is not done by other members of our society. >> you have got another minute. [ laughter ] >> on a day to day basis what we're doing here in san francisco is we are disenfranchising folks and limiting their ability for future employment. once you have a conviction for a non-violent drug-related crime, your chances of getting a future employment are essentially nil. there was a research study published recently in a san francisco newspaper, that showed the rate of drug convictions dropped, and the violent crime her
that the city has leased space to in our parks. and parks and recreation is for parks and recreation and not necessarily should be a place where we are leasing space to more vendors than we particularly need in specific areas. there is a place for vendors, for food vendors for various vendors in certain areas of the parks, but i think we are focusing way too much time on trying to figure out how we generate revenue for the city more so than we are trying to figure out how to make sure that those uses are good uses for the people who use the parks . >> julian davis here. you know, i think we're seeing somewhat of a crisis in our parks and recreation department. i found that the department is severely mismanaged. we have synthetic fields going we have privatization and commercialization of our park spaces. we have rec directors being fired and park patrol officers being hired. we have onerous fees for access to community space, pricing community events out of our park spaces. the question is about whether particular conditions and limits we would put, i will give you a little sense of
context. that don't have to pay any fair share of the cost that our city has to spend to deal with the 16 million tourists that come in every year. so that is another conversation that i think we need to have as well. as you can imagine, these are complicated issues, which is why it's taking me a little bit of time both to convene stakeholders and draft legislation, but i hope in the coming weeks and months that we'll have a proposal that we can all start talking about more publicly. >> thank you, president chiu. supervisor wiener? >> thank you. and i want to thank president chiu for his and his staff's hard work on this. i know there was a lot of dialogue and negotiation and i really appreciate that effort. i will be supporting the legislation today. i did initially have a concern with the original form of the legislation around the enforcement mechanisms and what that might end up looking like with our organizations that would immediately be able to run into court. and it just raised a red-flag for me, requiring administrative exhaustion so we can try to work things out within the cit
. so what does staff and the city attorney think of changing the reference to a sunshine ordinance rather than a cpa ordinance? >> i think that falls on the list to look at later. so we can do some background comparison before we make a change. >> okay. anyone have a different view from the staff? or city attorney? >> the definition that we mirrored in 6720-b of what public information is. 720 is broader and it does define what records should be disclosed. i don't know if that's a necessary problem. but again it's something that we can address later if you want. >> mr. shin? >> i don't have much more to add. i am not sure as a practical matter whether using public information very public records is different of how a commission would address a complaint before it. and i would note that sunshine ordinance does use both terms as well. records and information is referred to interchangeably. >> 6720-b of the ordinance directly mirror 6252-e? >> it incorporates and i believe you have it in the page i handed out. in case you need a copy. >> i have 67 -- >> it's actually 6724 that defines
our public schools and restore jtor city college. >> thank you, miss selby. >> two of the things that are being done this november and i would love for to you vote for both of them, 30 and 38. those are two measures that would raise money for education and money in education is in dire straits. it's okay to vote for both. i also do support gross receipts. and i'm a small business person, and i wanted to let you all know that i have done sort of looked what i pay now $9,000. i have seven employees and i pay $9,000 a year and i will pay $750. so for small businesses the gross receipts actually does help and does not put the burden on the little guy and it is progressive and so it does become progressively as you make more money. many one concern with small businesses there are businesses out there that have a lot of gross receipts, but they have no profit. and this is something that the only thing that concerns about those two things. finally i would be okay with reinstating the vehicle license fee at the levels it was before. >> thank you. candidate john rizzo, who could not join
to return and live in that building, and wouldn't be forced to relocation completely out of city. >> thank you. one of the things that i find interesting is when people talk about the african-american experience in san francisco and out-migration and one key point i hope to drive home, when we talk about economic development, we also talk about it in context of workforce development. when we talk about our budget situation where we are in the city, we also talk about cuts by virtue of simultaneously talking about revenue. when we talk about the african-american out-mike migration rarely do we talk about recruitment and retention. when we begin to talk to developers about who they use to market and where they market? that really has a significant impact as to which audience they are actually capturing? now if the city was truly interested in increasing the african-american population, then i would put that the city needs to take the initiative, as well as lead developers. when we are marketing these new rental units on the market, that we are advertising in ebony and essence and jet and so
. you know who you are. if i can give more to the city, i will. thank you. [applause] >> they have extra photographers that travel with them. let's hear it one more time for jocelyn and her family. thank you very much. [applause] >> i graduated from the university of california berkeley with a degree in civil engineering. i started with the department of public works in 1984. in 2003, i was asked to come to san francisco public utilities commission to take the meat on the program. i'm responsible for all the large capital projects for water, waste water, and power. it's about $12 billion of capital projects. we have a lot of projects. our water system improvement program, 80 products that span seven counties. we have a staff of about 400 city employees and about 500 consultants. puc is really embracing technology. we wanted to make sure we really had a system that would elevate all issues so we could address them in a timely manner. as you know, time is money. we have a construction management information system. it is a great tool to help us address construction and make it successful,
. it's not all about today's rally and not all about markets. wall street preparing for citi's conference call coming up at 4:30 p.m. eastern time, 30 minutes away, after the shocking resignation today of ceo vikram pandit. you can hear that call straight away live coming up in a few minutes. we'll take you on that call. kayla is here first with this evolving story. over to you, kayla. >> thanks, maria. we have -- i want to run through what we know so far right now. let's think about this turn of events for citigroup and how this came about. we know from sources that the board has been ramping up this search for the last several weeks. we don't know exactly the catalyst for that, but they did start planning for succession back in august. now, as far as what we know, maria, vikram pandit told you that he gave a call to citi board chairman mike o'neill after the earnings call yesterday to discuss the fact that he was ready go. now, in the wake of that period of time, we don't exactly know what happened during those last few hours. we know that mike o'neill did call several memb
by longtime citi executive michael corbat. he most recently headed the bank's middle eastern and european division. pandit not only gave up his c.e.o. position, but he also quit the board of directors. the news comes in the heart of earnings season for financial firms and just one day after citi reported stronger than expected earnings. shares of citi climbed 1.6%, closing at their highest price since march. suzanne pratt takes a closer look at pandit's tumultuous tenure. >> reporter: the citi management skeup had many people on wall street scratching their heads today about the timing. not only is the big bank finally regaining its footing, but there were no hints about the boardroom shuffle during vikram pandit's conference call yesterday on earnings. but 24 hours later, citi's new c.e.o. michael corbat and citi chairman michael o'neill hosted a call of their own and explained what happened. so to be clear, today's changes do not reflect any desire to alter this strategic direction of city. >> o'neill and pandit have reportedly clashed on >> reporter: o'neill and pandit have reportedly
.e.o., vikram pandit, calls it quits. from pandit's legacy to challenges facing citi's new boss, the resignation is one of the biggest surprises on wall street this year. >> susie: i'm susie gharib. two tech titans report better- than-expected earnings-- intel and i.b.m.-- but both stocks fall in after-hours trading. we run down the numbers. >> tom: also, student loan servicers get an "f" from regulators complaining school loans are handled a lot like the subprime mortgage market. >> susie: that and more tonight on "n.b.r." >> tom: citigroup c.e.o. vikram pandit abruptly stepped down today in a management shakeup that stunned both investors and employees. he will be replaced by longtime citi executive michael corbat. he most recently headed the bank's middle eastern and european division. pandit not only gave up his c.e.o. position, but he also quit the board of directors. the news comes in the heart of earnings season for financial firms and just one day after citi reported stronger than expected earnings. shares of citi climbed 1.6%, closing at their highest price since march. suzanne pratt ta
's unfortunate about all those is the city of san francisco has boycotted participating in those studies. san francisco says, wait a minute we have a unique responsibility here. we're the only city that stores our water in a national park so let's see how we can do better because we don't do a very good job. orange county recycles 30 million gallons of water a day, we recycle zero. we have a great opportunity to guarantee our water future and undo the damage to yosemite national park. >> sean, one point i know is the hydroelectric power generated by that dam, if i remember it's 41 million dollars? do i have my numbers right? >> there are a number of reasons why hetch hetchy is such a benefit to the city, not the least of which is that it produces carbon free public power to the city of san francisco. one of my favorite lines mike just used is this measure is about consolidating from 8 reservoirs to 7. another way to say that is to say this is about draining one of them, the hetch hetchy valley. have other studies said this is feasible? sure, just like tearing down city hall or knocking
by the transbay powers authority to represent it next with public finance matters, i'm consulted with the city attorney's office and i have a duty of disclosure to make and while there might be a question on whether a conflict of interest is present, i think it's appropriate that i make sure that there's no appearance of inpropriet and i propose that i be recuse. >> move to recuse. >> it's been moved and seconded, all those in favor? >> aye. >> opposed, hearing none, it's ewe nan nows. >> thank you, commissioners and public, if i may, >> i'm sorry, commissioner sugaya? >> the firm that i work for did some historic analysis work for the tgpa for the plan, since this concerns generally shadows on parks and not the project itself, i don't believe i have a conflict of interest, and can be impartial and fair in decision-making, so i'm just revealing that fact. >> okay, with that, are there any other announcements for request for recusal? seeing none, commissioner, i just want to point out that for the public especially, the joint commissions will hold one public hearing for both items on the calend
previously served as citigroup of europe. the changes come one day after citi's earnings beat expectation in a conference call which, of course, jim said absolutely nothing about this. >> no. this was the first quarter that was the break out quarter for international. first time that i felt that the company had put a lot of its problems behind it. best knit interest margin. we only had a couple of banks report. people are trying to present this this was logical, this was in the works. this was the least logical, least in the works. corbat terrific. he ran holdings. 48 hours did we know this? i don't know. i got to tell you that the people that i talked to at citi, to say not in the works is being underplayed. >> there's shock at least among a handful of people who i talk to regularly at senior who are senior but no way aware of this. they are shocked. they heard it about an hour prior to the announcement being put out there. and, you know, it seems as though we don't know at this point, although we listen eed t andrew ross sorkin's report right now. there was some contention between board
no golden parachutes or severance upon termination of employment. outside of citi's broad base separation plans or local law. any equity awards not accelerated upon termination. one benefit we're told of this timing, every's surprised that this came out the day after such a sole lid quarter. and especially when you could have waited until the end of the year. p but one theory behind this is citi will have to go through the stress tests again at the beginning of next year. if you come in january 2013, you're a fresh face on that field and hard to put togetherc. >> a banking source i spoke to said perhaps the board was waiting for its first glimpse of d day white. then giving the kind of cover that it needed to make the move. then giving the kind of cover that it needed to make the move. obviously citi and government have worked out some prices. sue, down to you. >> let's talk more about what's going on at citi and where the bank goes from here lacking forward with me now. first of all, your reaction. i think i heard some of maria's reporting. do you buy the fact that it has been planned fo
and city attorney. >> to be honest, when this was drafted i don't think that staff was contemplating that there would be one person on this own dealing with this. the idea was that one person hold the hearing and ask thei questions, and you don't do it as a whole but you deliberate as a body. the hearing officer is the one procedurally running the matter, rather the decision as a body. that was staff's contemplation. not that we would have a separate matter with only one commissioner present. and that one commissioner making a decision. always that a full body would deliberate. and the hearing officer would procedurally run the hearing. if that's not clear, then we certainly should make it clearer. >> yeah, i think we should make that clearer. >> because i thought one under the idea, one commissioner or one hearing officer is speed. so say once it gets assigned, hopefully can get sent maybe within a week or so. so at the next full commission meeting a report can be made back to the commission. saying we have had the hearing. here's what we think it should be affirmed or whatever. and
of 295, i want the city attorney to weigh in on that, i don't want to be in violation of those sections. >> john from the city attorney's office, if i could have a minute to review the letter which i just received and then i could respond to it. >> great, thank you, then let me ask staff for a minute and this would be the joint powers group, the rec and park department has a genuine concern about what ultimately happens with the open space and recreation facilities in the project. i know you can't answer that definitively today, i know we've had outside conversations about it, but i would like the record to reflect, if you can arrive at any conclusions about your recommendations about the disposition of those properties, you would come before our commission with that information. >> commissioner john ram with the planning department, we would certainly be happy to do that and we'll certainly have many discussion ins the disposition of those property ins the years to come. >> thank you very much, let me just make a couple of observations, i'm encouraged by the fact that a long planning
focus in here. >> that was cool. >> if you see that? >> behind the city, behind the houses, behind those hills. the see any more hills? >> these kids are wonderful. they get to explore, they get to see different things. >> we let them explore a little bit. they get their best. if their parents ever ask, we can learn -- they can say that they learned about the depth of field or the rule of thirds or that the shadows can give a good contrast. some of the things they come up with are fantastic. that is what we're trying to encourage. these kids can bring up the creativity and also the love for photography. >> a lot of people come into my classes and they don't feel like they really are creative and through the process of working and showing them and giving them some tips and ideas. >> this is kind of the best kept secret. you should come on and take a class. we have orientations on most saturdays. this is a really wonderful location and is the real jewel to the community. >> ready to develop your photography skills? the harvey milk photo center focuses on adult classes. and saturday worksho
a program that will be cost effective. i think for the city's perspective it makes more sense for the transportation department to do this than to have police officers performing this function. and very strong just by the police department to off load this function. >> motion to approve. >> 7.5 and 6? >> we have not taken it yet. >> chairman nolan: okay. all in favor say aye. >> ayes. >> chairman nolan: 10.6. >> amending transportation code by adding section 912 to authorize to regulate vehicle pressc9v permits and amend 902 o toronto. >> good afternoon. chairman, directors, barry toronto. i used to have one of these press vehicle permits about 30ky the police department. so if i understand it, you're issuing separate press passes to individual workers, media workers and issuing vehicle passes. i think it's weird to separate the two but this is3<;6]ku whatg on. the problem is if you're going to charge a fee which has not going to be too exorbitant a fee you will be excluding certain outlets over others. so the problem is, how are you going to determine this as a media. somebod
a fire changed the city forever. a family stood up to drug dealers and their house was set on fire killing all 7. a decade later, what has changed. >>> ray lieu sis out for the season, what does this mean for the ravens? we will look at that, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's get to a check of the forecast with lynette charles. things changed a lot over the course of 24 hours. >>> we had the rain in here and the cold front moved through. that's what you are talking about. we are brisk. temperature owings mills 47 degrees. we will have the winds picking up throughout the days out of the northwest, the north westerly wind is a chilly wind. 48 degrees now in monroe. dew points drying out, dew point 43. meyersville, last stop, temperature 49 with the dew point at 42, the winds northwest at 5-10 miles an hour. that's going to be the scenario for today. looking at maryland's most powerful radar, we have all the sweeps on scanning the skies to see if we will find rain. high pressure is going to do its thing, build in, we are
are in the same city, san francisco so congratulations. [cheers and applause] so for context i just want to mention a few things and this is no news to all of you here in the room and the people standing up with me today, but today in america more than 10 million people are living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty and limited investment and opportunities for themselves and their children, and we know that one of the most important factors in determining the economic and financial success of peoples whether or not a child grows up in those high poverty neighborhoods? a. the fact that we can predict health, education outcomes of children based on the zip code, where they live is really a tragedy and it's not something that we as americans want to see as an outcome for the next generations and part of the obama's in fact and i have builds on this and the revitalization program and with choice neighborhoods including the planning grants we're announcing here in san francisco we intend to replicate that success across the count ree. as you know today every federal dollar is precious an
legislation that i submitted last week that includes amends that our city attorney noted does not need to be adopted through separate legislation. the impetus of this came from a number of initial complaints that my office received over a year-ago. involving suggestions that there were corporations that were illegal leasing out spaces for the short-term use by individual as kin to the use of hotels by tourists. legislation that we have before us strengthens an existing law, to restrict this practice known as hotel evasion. in 1981 the passage of the apartment conversion ordinance, which is second, 41-a of the administrative code made it illegal for residential propertis with four or more units to be occupied pore for less than 30 days. unfortunate le what we have found in recent years there has been a problem that has persisted due to enforcement challenges and a loophole in the law. in recent years we have seen many corporations sidestep this law by signing long-term loiss with property owner ises that their non-san franciscan employees can use the apartment as short-term corporate ho
is a 16.7 billion dollar industry for the city and county of san francisco. 16.7 billion dollars. it employs 100,000 people in our city, and because of that sleeping giant, i am going to be creating quarterly meetings with the medical council to make sure that i support their research, their scientific discoveries and help grow this industry. because, by god, in our lifetime, this medical industry, this research, their association with ucsf, are going to create the solutions for the world in cancer, in arthritis, in autism, in all the diseases that have plagued us for many, many years. we continue it look forward to ways to showcase all of the amazing and creative and innovative things going on because we are in san francisco the innovation capital of the world. we have even declared the month of october not just orange playoff month, larry, also innovation month in our city. and so october we've opened up many, some 75 technology companies from central market to soma, are opening up their offices and many people walk in, letting people exchange ideas and see how these companie
12 plus parks, acres of new parkland which will reduce carbon dioxide in the city, it's going to help, san francisco led the way in the 20th century, this project and this infrastructure will ensure that san francisco leads the way for the nation and is a model for the nation and not just the nation but the world in the 21st century, we have 8 thousand plus new construction jobs, it will be generated from this project, 27 housing permanent new jobs as well as new housing, new units, new revenue for the city, i urge you, please support this project. thank you very much, bye-bye. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm julia sullivan speaking on baf of the member organizations of the san francisco housing action coalition and we strongly support the transit center district plan. i'm asking you the please approve the shadow budget for the transit sent ce -- center, it's important to remember that for the small additional shadows cast, the district provides enormous benefits to the city, this includes the creation of a five acre park and significant funding for the parks, the district plan will deliv
in to the city. as we check in and look at other drive times, 695, in great shape, no delays now on the outer loop from 95, up to 83, looking at the typical 11 minute ride. no delays top west side, you are going to be looking at an 11 minute ride as well on the outer loop from 795, towards 95. that's a look at the traffic. >>> coming up at 5:00, she has become the symbol for a better future for girls in a place where they don't have a lot of opportunities. >> a 14-year-old girl was shot by the taliban on her way to school, coming up. and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you. >>> owners of ereaders could be getting cash back, the refunds are part of a settlement in three book publishers, because there was a lawsuit that claims those companies concluded with the apple. no words on when the customers will see the refund. >>> nordstrom jumped in to the controversial same-sex marriage debate. the compan
, pandit, and havens all founded the hedge fund they sold to citi for $8 million. pandit pocketed just about $80 million of that price tag. so definitely a very multifaceted story. we should get more in just the next hour. >> you would think so. let's get some reaction now from some respected analysts. mike mayo, bank analyst. he's also the author of "exile on wall street." our friend rob cox, the america's editor at reuters breaking views. michael, what do you make of the breathtaking events over the last 24 hours? >> i think the ceo transition is ludicrous. to have the ceo and c.o.o. step down at the same time with zero transition and to have this change one day after they report earnings. just yesterday i was asking vikram pandit questions. we were all asking him questions about the long-term strategy. one day later, he's out the door. something's not right. i think this poor transition of the ceo is a microcosm of the poor corporate governance at citigroup under the vikram pandit reign. >> mike, i want to ask you what you think is going on here, but let me get anton in first. you'r
emergency, even stay late because you have an impending deadline, that the city will reimburse you for that taxi ride home if your employer is participating. all county employees are in that program, just so you know. transportation system management, managing our streets as a multi modal network, making sure we are providing lots of options. one of these is bike share. land use options, probably one of the most overlooked elements of tdm project, but a very important one. how did we supply and manage parking at the land use approval level and how do we continue to monitor and enforce requirements that are put on new land uses when it comes to parking. finally, continuing to push the envelope, doing sector research, doing research whether it's about congestion management, trying out new partnerships with city partners and private partners. a key element of this project is convening a trio of transportation working groups with interested employers and institutions across the city. this tiers off a model used in other jurisdictions, including ours, which is known as a transportati
of parking and driving in the city. however my primary means of transportation is bicycle and pedestrian. and of course living in this neighborhood, the nature of my job, i'm a freelancer, film editor and writer but i'm out a lot, 24/7, sometimes come home late. what i really like about this plan and i think it's very important and we have to stress that, especially late night, there's a lot of very fast traffic going down south street. it's like a freeway. with all due respect to the sfpd i've never seen anyone pulled over for speeding. when i've been on bicycles late at night or in day i've seen near collisions or drivers think they might want to stop at the argo station and they pull over. i strongly support the plan as it stands now on fell. also the same speeding problem on oak, even though it's flat, a lot of cars, it's a very wide boulevard and they've treating it like a freeway. so we need separated bikeways. there are compromises that everyone has to live with in this crowded neighborhood but i really urge that you implement this plan. thank you for your consideration. >> chairm
neglected safety standards. >>> san francisco city hall, it was one of the -- he was one of the four americans killed during the attacks by while in benghazi. the memorial is scheduled to begin at 430. >>> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is taking responsibility. the obama administration has been criticized for reportedly denying questions prior to attack 275 posts, the president and the vice-president certainly wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> hillary rodham clinton said she has appointed a panel to investigate the attack on the consulate. >> they are facing off in their second debate. coming up, we will have a different format on tonight's debate and president barack obama is stepping up his game. >> here in the bay area, the mountain view city council is appealing chick fillet restaurants. many who live near the proposed site are appealing. they say it will lead to more accidents with bicyclists. >>> right now they want to get an early morning look at the traffic. , here is sal. >>> up to the speed limit in th
findings under ceqa, can someone tell me where those findings are written. >> john from the city attorney's office, in the agenda, there are two different sets of ceqa findings that are mentioned. there's one set of ceqa findings associated with a joint action which is to change the budgets, those are the ceqa findings that the planning commission adopted in may of this year as part of the transit center district plan. those are the same findings, so you're incorporating those by reference. the second set of ceqa findings that are mentioned are for the rec and park action only. those are unique to the transit center tower where -- that would be the first action, ceqa triggering action with regard to that project so that has a distinct set of findings. >> and will those findings come before us when we approve the tower, or is that strictly a rec park action? >> absolutely. there's a similar version, the one that recreation and park has today is tailored to that particular commission. you will have your own distinct set of findings, i believe the hearing is for next week. >> thank you. >> c
cities it's citadel that we preserve our rental stock and protect it from being cannibalized for other uses. there is a market for hotels, corporate suites and condominiums and other uses and the answer is through an efficient production strategy that expands choices and notice through diminishing our rental stock. thank you supervisors for bringing this forward and preserving our rental stock. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. jane, san francisco apartment association and i'm here to speak on behalf of the rental industry and the corporate housing providers. thank you supervisor chiu for opening your doors and taking our input in this participate piece of legislation. what i have discovered in working on this policy is that most of the people that i represent do not rent for less than 30 days and, in fact, they don't rent for less than 90 days. although i would like you to all take into consideration that providing 90-day/six-month housing is important in our city for people coming in, for cancer treatment at ucsf, children coming here for california pacific medical cen
from the treasure island island authorities and michael to present for the city and county of san francisco. we will have presentations first. we may have questions from colleagues, including myself. and then we will open up for public comment. and this is a time to give feedback and also questions and concerns to us on the board. and then we'll continue the conversation after that. i also want to acknowledge that many of our residents have been writing to us about the outages, the electricity outages that have been going on the island. well, that's not the subject of the hearing today, i just want to let you know that that's something that our office is working on. we're convening the public utilities commission and the city administrator's office and tida to see what we can do to support the aging infrastructure through which our electricity runs through. as many of you know, this is the infrastructure that -- well, actually we haven't inherited yet, but it's currently owned by the u.s. navy. it's aging. they haven't put in the investment to improve it mainly because when the ne
that actually suffered the damage. that went through months and years of grievance of dealing with city people. well i am not going to review mrs. gomez's case. wow, incredible. and then i have this concept since we are dealing with teeth. let's move from money to removal from office. because it says in 6734, willful failure shall be official misconduct. in sunshine case 11048. we have supervisors chui, and moran that have committed misconduct. it's coming before you guys. and are they going to be removed from office? because that's what teeth is. we would like to see that. thank you. >> hope johnson again. i will try not to repeat. there is a lot of stuff there. i agree with your decision to delete the assigning hearing officer. because there would be a question about how you would then vote on it. on item 2-c, i think that we do still have some concerns that the executive director should not be re adjudicating with these behind-the-scenes with the similar memos that we received. that you guys don't vote on but get posted as dismisals. without a vote. we want to be sure that doesn't get lost
in a public forum was -- what's the phrase? right conduct bee fitting an officer of the city blah, blah, blah, you know the phrase the mayor used? was that right action of a public official? the second question you should ask him on my behalf if you'd like in your letter is to ask him why he hasn't taken any action on miss go mess who was found by two bodies both of them ethical over set boundaries which both concluded she had engaged in official misconduct and when that was brought to the mayors attention he chose to do nothing in stark contrast to what he did to official [indiscernible] and we're still wondering. you can't charge the sheriff with official misconduct over false charges and then let a library commission president off the hook for proven charges. speaker: thank you very much. i do have graphic presentation but there are only two reel points i want to make. first of all, with respect to official misconduct in general, there have been questions about the appending charges against the elected sheriff about whether it was related to his office and whether he acted in his official
-free in spots look at these temperatures 72 antioch, 62 fremont, 61 redwood city. 63 half moon bay. we are starting out warm. 55 in san jose, we are looking at temperatures warmer than yesterday we are going to start out with the warmth and even warmer with upper 70s around the bay mid 80s inland and we haven't gotten to our offshore flow yet. >>> good morning. fog-free on the golden gate bridge. roadwork north section slow traffic there confined to the south part of the bridge as you head into san francisco light traffic. roadwork throughout marin county. cortamadera to mill valley until 6:00 this morning. 280, 85 roadwork both ramps. 280 shutdown until 6 a.m. police activity valencia street in san francisco. >>> federal search agencies continue to look for pilot and plane that took off from half moon bay 24 hoursing aheaded for tucson, arizona but did not show up. the pilot's wife reported the plane missing. tail number n 72 ah. airport officials at half moon bay confirm the plane is not on the property, faa ordered search. registered owner is a man from florida it is not clear if he
in alameda, allie rasmous, account news. >>> a rally for scheduled at city hall this afternoon for stevens. he was one of four americans killed during the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. stevens glue up in the bay area, graduated from piedmont high school. the memorial is scheduled to begin at 4:30 in the city hall rotunda but the setup is already underway. this is from this morning. team coverage is today on account channel 2 news at 5:00. we'll also stream it live on ktvu.com. again the public is invited. >>> meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton is taking responsibility for security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the obama administration has been criticized for reportedly denying requests for increased security at the consulate prior to the attack. secretary clinton says she has appointed an independent panel to investigate the attack on the conse. >>> san francisco giants heading to the midwest now. bound for st. louis where they will play game three of the national league championship series tomorrow. new at noon, kristen is live at sfo where the g
in baltimore city. if you choose to vote early, you can cast your ballot at any site in your jurisdiction. for more on commitment 20 gulf coverage, go to our website, wbaltv.com. >> it was an intense mourning at owings mills high school after a student was seen carrying a firearm. it was later identified as a a b b a gun. lowell melser or as the outcome of that situation. >> police say they have a 17- year-old male student from owings mills high school in custody. police say he brought a be be done on to the school campus. -- he brought a bb gun to school. some parents are upset because they said the school never told them about the incident. tense moments at around 10:00 a.m. after baltimore county officers were sent to the school after a call that a student had some sort of weapon. >> the student is all the other person with a gun did exactly what we would want them to do. he reported it very broadly to the school administrators. they then did exactly what they were supposed to do. they locked down the school and contacted the police immediately by calling 911. >> a concern parent was a
, just win it. let's switch to another major sort. -- sport. city leaders expect to hear from the national football league about whether the city is in the running to host super bowl. the game played in santa clara. seems like san francisco would get much of the glowery. we're live in santa clara with the story. hi, carolyn. >> this stadium will be ready to roll by 2014. that means that it would meet the nfl requirement that a team play two seasons before it's eligible for a super bowl. sanlta clara building stadium. trying to persuade nfl to award a super bowl in 2016 or 17. >> we would like to make this possibility very unique for the city and right now where he have to get the nod from the nfl first. >> just like the team, san francisco will be competing against other nfl franchises. because the league likes shiny new stadiums, this venue might be on the short list. as the host city, san francisco's hotels, restaurants and tourist hot spots would be filled. >> we know in cities like new orleans and new york, others who have hosted super bowls, they mean something in between
ambassador stevens held tomorrow in the rotunda at san francisco city hawchlt take place at 4:30. senator feinstein and libya ambassador to the yous are expected to attend. stevens grew up in piedmont and graduate from uc berkeley and hastings school of law. that's why the memorial held here. those ties to our area. >> the state public utility commission has named a man as republic you twaition peace make tore celts talk over the san bruno pipeline explosion. former senator mitchell of maine who won the nobel peace prize for brokering a 1998 peace treaty in northern ireland has been appointed to mediate talk was pg&e. he will oversee talk between the utility and the public utility commission. city of san francisco and san bruno and turn that's a local consumer group. they have been unable to reach an agreement on how much pg&e should pay for its negligence san bruno and whether stockholders or rate payers should foot the bill. turn raised an objection to mitchell selection in the role calling it a back room deal. and that everyone should have had a role in picking a mediator. >> wel
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